Corporate Venture Builder

We generate digital business strategies driven by transformational growth.

We partner with large companies to build digital startups together from scratch in a particular sector of interest.

Who are we?

We are a corporate Venture Builder specializing in digital business. We've been on the road for many years on digital. This is why we support large companies to identify and implement business opportunities from a digital perspective, promoting their transformation from innovation and the combination of agility, flexibility and the culture of startups with muscle, experience and The resources of corporations to create disruptive startups.

We designed everything. From the stage of ideation, going through the Business Plan and development (applications, marketplace, ecommerce), until its launch to the market. The synergy between our methodology (Digital Business driven) and the talent that we incubate, considerably increases the probability of success of these businesses.


We do an immersion with your team and business, creating an experimentation lab to drive innovative changes to your company's strategic challenges.

Clear business model

The monetization model is the most important thing for the viability of a digital business. All our co-created startups are developed under a culture oriented to innovation, profitability and success in the market.

Time to Market

We know that the time to get on the market for a digital business is vitally important. Delays in development can cause it to be too late. In Believe we are fast and we know to leave at the right time.


Nuevos canales, nuevas formas de comunicar y modelos de negocio… cada día, debido a la transformación digital las compañías se enfrentan a más y nuevos desafíos. Para seguir vigentes, las empresas deben evolucionar de la mano de la innovación digital. En Believe ofrecemos la innovación como servicio para aquellas empresas que quieran liderar la transformación. Con un amplio know How en negocios digitales, unido a la capacidad de desarrollo tecnológico, somos el partner estratégico perfecto.


Cada día surgen ideas para nuevos productos o servicios, pero solo un pequeño porcentaje consigue sobrevivir. Trabajamos con emprendedores para acompañarles en el proceso del desarrollo y validaciónde su startup - desde la fase de ideación hasta su salida al mercado. Aportamos visión de negocio, desarrollo tecnológico y las estrategias y acciones de marketing necesarias para lanzarlo al mercado con las máximas posibilidades de éxito. La forma más segura de emprender, validando cada paso.

Do you have a business idea?

We discover new ways to make your business more profitable and competitive. Meet and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. Plus, we'll buy you a coffee!

How does it work?

The Believe Way

We take care that the new digital business is successful, while corporations worry about exploiting that for what is good. We call this: the Believe Way: Digital Business driven. We are addressing large corporations in need of adding to their innovation processes a strategic partner that provides them with know-how, expertise and development capacity, as well as a 360 vision of the business. We provide you with all our experience and methodology to help you get the most out of your corporate digital startup. We will define the minimum Viable product together in order to obtain benefits as soon as possible.

How do we do it?

With passion, which we have for heaps. Ideas transcend the world, but it all comes down to the execution and feasibility that are what really allow these businesses to become reality. That's what's important. That's what the people we admire have done. They have taken the thoughts of their head and made them become reality.


Believe injects its "Digital Business driven" methodology into each project.  Shareholder participation of Believe It Group in each of the startups incubated. – We are looking for the team of co-founders (CEO-COO) to lead each project and operate it successfully and generate a smooth connection between the new startup and the corporation.

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Nuestros Servicios


  • Immersion Workshops (Design Thinking)
  • Trend reports
  • Disruptive innovations
  • Identification of Opportunities
  • Benchmark
  • Customer Journey 

Digital transformation

  • Design of services, strategies and processes
  • Multi-channel Sales structuring
  • Definition of KPI´s
  • Internal communication (intranet) design.

Prototyping and development

  • Digital products and Services prototyping
  • UX/UI Analysis and Solutions
  • User Research
  • Software Development
  • Web Development and mobile

Business Modeling

  • Digital Business Plan
  • Monetization Model Development
  • Pricing

| Digital Business Driven |

Our Miles

Own ventures
Incubated startups
Exits made
"There is no single business model... The opportunities and options are countless, we just have to discover them. "
Tim O´Really
Executive Director, O´Really

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Our Startups

Some of our startups in the market:

We present you Beit!

Beit! Inbound agency is a group of passionate about the digital ecosystem, with many years working to accompany companies, brands and startups to face the new challenges of digital transformation, building campaigns that add innovation, business vision, Marketing and technology to respond to the needs of new business models.
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